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icon reviews
All-in One Reviews (1)

Show reviews from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp and from 20+ other reviews platforms on your site

icon chat
All-in One chat (2)

Let users chat with you on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Icon appointment
Appointment Request Form (3)

Get leads, conduct surveys, collect opinions with the Form Creator

Icon back to top
Back to Top (4)

Let your users instantly scroll to the top of the page in a click

Icon website elements
Banner (5)

Build effective ads banners for your website

Icon switch button
Before and After Slider (6)

Showcasing how your offers work through before and after photos

Booking Logo
Booking Reviews (7)

Reveal positive reviews on your place from Booking.com on your site

Icon button with a hand
Button (8)

Create buttons for users to perform various actions on your website

Icon phone
Click To Call (9)

Provide users with the fastest way to call you directly from your website

Icon phone and mail
Contact Form (10)

Embed a form to your website which will help people easily contact you

Icon cookie
Cookie Consent (11)

Use a convenient way to notify users about the cookies

Icon timer
Countdown Timer (12)

Create Timers and Counters to boost sales by urgency on your website

Icon calendar
Event Calendar (13)

Present events, timetable, agenda, schedule, and more on your website

FAQ logo
FAQ (20)

Demonstrate the answers to the most common questions on your website

Facebook logo
Facebook Chat (14)

Allow users to contact you on Facebook Messenger from your website

Facebook logo
Facebook Comments (15)

Give your audience an easy way to comment your content via Facebook

Facebook logo
Facebook Feed (16)

Display posts, photos and videos from Facebook on your website

Facebook like Icon
Facebook Like Button (17)

Let people like your content via Facebook

Facebook logo
Facebook Reviews (18)

Display reviews from your Facebook page on your site

Facebook Logo
Facebook Share Button (19)

Let people share your content on Facebook

Icon file
File Embed (21)

Allow people view and download any kind of file (doc, xlsx, pptx, txt, etc.)

Icon form and a pen
Form Builder (22)

Get leads, conduct surveys, collect opinions with the Form Creator

Google Maps logo
Google Maps (23)

Add map to your website for your audience easily find your office or nearest store

Google logo
Google Reviews (24)

Embed reviews on your place from Google right on your site

Hotel Logo
Hotels Reviews (25)

Demonstrate reviews on your hotel from Hotels.com on your site

Houzz Logo
Houzz Reviews (26)

Display positive reviews on your services from Houzz right on your site

Instagram logo
Instagram Widget (27)

Display your Instagram profile to attract new subscribers

Instagram logo
Intstagram Feed (28)

Add posts from your instagram account or by hashtag to your website

Icon bag
Job Board (29)

Demonstrate current job openings on your website and receive resumes from potential employees.

Icon clock
Number Counter (30)

Boast your marvelous achievement and impressive numbers to your users

OpenTable Logo
OpenTable Reservation Widget (31)

Give your visitors the ability to search for a reservation right on your page

OpenTable Logo
OpenTable Reviews (32)

Showcase best customer reviews on your restaurant from OpenTable on your site

Icon pdf file
PDF Embed (33)

Let people view and download PDF files right from your website

Icon photo gallery
Photo Gallery (34)

Numerous ways to showcase your photos: grids, sliders, carousels and more

Icon popup ad
Popup (35)

Create all types of popups: banners, bars, notifications and more for any purpose

Icon portfolio
Portfolio (36)

Introduce yourself and your projects through a customizable portfolio

Icon pricing table
Pricing Table (37)

Create all sorts of selling pricing plans right for your website

Icon QR code
QR Code (38)

Use a QR code on your website to help people get any info instantly on their phones

TripAdvisor logo
Reviews from TripAdvisor (39)

Show reviews on your place from TripAdvisor right on your site

Search icon
Search (40)

A handy search bar for your users to find the needed content on your site

Icon slider
Slider (41)

Create image, video and text sliders form your website

Icon social post
Social Feed (42)

Add content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to your website

Icon social media on a phone
Social Media Icons (43)

Add social icons to your website for instant access to your social profiles

Icon share
Social Share Buttons (44)

Let your website visitors easily share your content in social media

Icon subscribe
Subscription Form (45)

Collect emails with a subscription form on your website

Icon group of people
Team Showcase (46)

Demonstrate your team and tell more about each member

Icon chat box
Testimonials Slider (47)

Demonstrate your customer testimonials on your website

Trustpilot logo
Truspilot Reviews (48)

Display consumer reviews from Truspilot on your site

Twitter logo
Twitter Feed (49)

Embed tweets from your Twitter account or by hashtag to your website

Icon visitor counter
Visitor Counter (50)

Control your website traffic and uplevel credibility

WhatsApps logo
WhatsApps Chat (51)

Give users an opportunity to contact you on WhatsApp straight from your website

Yelp logo
Yelp Reviews (52)

Demonstrate reviews on your services from Yelp on your site

Youtube logo
Youtube Gallery (53)

Display YouTube channels and videos on your website

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